Awakening and second awakening in Solo Leveling explained

In Solo Leveling, after the initial awakening, some hunters experience a second awakening, which makes them stronger.

Every hunter undergoes awakening at some point in their lives. It is only after this awakening that they become hunters. 

Then, there is the second awakening, a rare phenomenon experienced by only a few. The first awakening grants hunters their powers, while the second awakening alters those powers.

Awakening of powers

When gates that link the human world to an alternate dimension appeared around the world, humans began awakening special abilities.

Awakening is a process that involves individuals gaining magical powers, and only those who undergo this awakening go on to become hunters.

The powers that they acquire enable them to fight dangerous creatures, known as magic beasts, that reside on the other side of the gates and are immune to conventional weapons.

If these creatures are not defeated within the first seven days of a gate’s appearance, a dungeon break occurs, allowing magic beasts to enter the human world. 

To prevent this, hunters are sent to dungeons according to their ranks to fight the magic beasts. 

A hunter’s rank is determined by the magical power in their body, with the highest rank being S and the lowest being E-Rank. Their rank is assessed using a mana meter.

Second awakening 

Once an individual’s magical powers have awakened, their rank cannot change and they cannot grow stronger, no matter what they do. 

However, there are instances, albeit rare, where an individual undergoes a second awakening — a phenomenon that alters the initially determined power.

By awakening their powers for a second time, individuals experience a significant increase in strength. As they exceed their previous limit, their rank changes. 

Solo Leveling awakening
Jinwoo undergoes a test to check for a second awakening

When Jinwoo survives the double dungeon raid, the Hunter’s Association suspects that he has undergone a second awakening, as there is no other way someone as weak as him could have defeated such powerful beasts. 

Additionally, the beasts had disappeared by the time other hunters arrived at the scene, leading them to believe that an A-Rank or S-Rank hunter was present and had fought them. 

However, when Jinwoo’s score is tested, it is still as low as 10, which means that he has not undergone a second awakening, much to his disappointment.

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