AUZA in Ninja Kamui explained

In Ninja Kamui, AUZA is a multinational enterprise that is linked to Higan’s former ninja clan. 

AUZA has a hand in every technological field, whether it be the development of military weapons, telecommunications, entertainment, or clean energy. 

The company was able to penetrate markets at a commendable rate, and as a result, it maintains a high global market share. 

AUZA’s products are constantly replacing various hardware and software systems, and at this point, there is no country in the world that does not have AUZA products.

Involvement with ninjas

When Higan meets FBI agent Mike, the two of them are attacked by ninjas who have been trying to kill Higan. 

While Higan easily defeats the ninjas and escapes, Mike obtains invaluable information about them after the attack. 

The weapons used by the ninjas were made of a special alloy, and AUZA holds the patent for that alloy, leading them to suspect a connection between the ninjas and the company. 

Additionally, Emma informs them that anyone who opposes AUZA, including several key figures from rival organizations, journalists investigating alleged frauds, and even politicians causing problems for the company, mysteriously dies.

Emma suspects that the ninjas have a hand in these killings, and she is not wrong, as Higan’s former clan is working with AUZA’s top executive. 

While AUZA provides them with weapons, the ninjas provide the company with data that helps it build better weapons. 

A community on the dark web even claims that AUZA has plans to take over the world and is building weapons of mass destruction. 

The community’s admin is Jason Cardenas, a former AUZA employee. Jason hacks AUZA’s system, and Mike discovers that AUZA is buying fake identities, proving that it is a corrupt organization. 

All in all, AUZA is a dangerous company that also has the FBI under its control. Despite this, Mike decides to work with Higan to uncover its dark secrets.

Mike’s decision to work with Higan against AUZA does not sit well with the higher-ups in the FBI and places him in danger as well. 

Ninja Kamui AUZA
AUZA City is entirely run by AUZA

To get to the root of the matter, Higan decides to infiltrate AUZA’s headquarters in AUZA City, an experimental city entirely run by AUZA. 

The company tests various new technologies and resources in AUZA City, which is protected by a multilayered security system. 

The city’s security is so tight that it seems impossible to infiltrate it. However, with the help of an exiled ninja, Higan manages to breach halfway through. 

Higan is then permitted to enter the city, as a trap has been laid for him. There, he encounters Yamaji, confirming the suspicions of the ninjas’ involvement with AUZA.

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