Attack on Titan: Why did Eren and Zeke not make physical contact in Liberio?

Attack on Titan, the renowned manga and anime series written by Hajime Isayama, revolves around the conflict between the Eldians inside the Walls and the rest of the world outside, especially the Marleyan nation.

Central to this narrative are Eren and Zeke Jaeager, half-brothers possessing the Attack Titan and the Beast Titan respectively. In addition, Eren also has the Founding Titan power.

In the story, their first direct meeting occurs in the Marleyan city of Liberio, where fans noticed that the two did not come into physical contact. Here, we delve into the reasons why.

Power of the Titans and the Royal Blood

It’s pivotal to understand the significance of the connection between the Power of the Titans and royal blood. 

Historia Reiss, as a royal-blooded Eldian, revealed the true potential of Eren’s Founding Titan when they accidentally came into contact. Eren experienced a surge of the Founding Titan’s power, which can alter the memories of Eldians and control all the Titans. 

However, because of the vow renouncing war made by the First King, a royal-blooded person possessing the Founding Titan wouldn’t exploit its full might for aggressive purposes. 

Eren, who isn’t of royal descent, can access this power only when in contact with someone who has royal blood.

Zeke’s Secret Plan

Zeke has a secret aim, which he reveals as the “Euthanization Plan”. 

According to this plan, Zeke aims to sterilize all Eldians to ensure they don’t give birth to any more potential Titan shifters, leading to the eventual extinction of Eldians and Titans. 

He believes this will save the world from the potential destruction that the Titans could cause and free the Eldians from the cycle of hatred. For the plan to work, Zeke needs the Founding Titan’s power, which Eren possesses. 

Since Zeke has royal blood, touching Eren would activate the Founding Titan’s ability, making the sterilization of Eldians possible.

Strategic Restraint in Liberio

In Liberio, during their secretive meeting, they refrained from physical contact to avoid inadvertently activating the Founding Titan’s power in an uncontrolled environment. 

Given the unpredictability and immense scale of this power, using it without proper preparation could have catastrophic consequences. 

Additionally, it was crucial to keep their plans covert. Accidentally triggering the power would surely alert Marley and the world about their intentions.

Eren and Zeke in Liberio 2
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Building Trust

Also, by the time of their meeting in Liberio, Eren and Zeke had not yet established a strong trust in one another. Both brothers had experienced betrayals and shocks in their lives, making them cautious. 

They were in the preliminary phase of their alliance. Direct contact might have felt too risky for both parties, especially when the full scope of their plan hadn’t been solidified.

Narrative Suspense

From a storytelling perspective, Hajime Isayama may have chosen to delay their contact to build suspense and anticipation for readers and viewers. 

By hinting at the significance of their contact but not immediately showing it, he masterfully keeps the audience eager to know what will happen next.

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