Attack on Titan: Are the Wall Titans former humans?

Attack on Titan has captivated audiences with its dark narrative, complex characters, and the mysteries of its world for over a decade. 

One such mystery revolves around the Colossal Titans in the three walls of Paradis island. Let’s delve into the question: Are the Wall Titans in Attack on Titan also humans like the mindless ones?


Mindless Titans are originally humans who have been transformed through a mysterious process involving a serum derived from the spinal fluid of Titans. 

Once transformed, these humans lose consciousness and wander aimlessly, consuming other humans but not for sustenance.

The Power of the Titans

There are nine unique Titans that possess distinct abilities and can be inherited by consuming the spinal fluid of the current holder. 

These Titans differ from the regular Titans as they retain their human consciousness when transformed. Notably, these Titans can revert to their human form and have the ability to transform at will.

Unveiling the Wall Titans

The Walls, which have protected humanity from the Titans for a century on Paradis island, harbor a secret. 

Inside these massive barriers are countless Colossal Titans, later known as Wall Titans. These beings are dormant, embedded within the Walls, but their mere existence presents a chilling threat.

This reveal first came at the end of season 1 after Eren and the Scouts defeated Annie.

Wall Titans AOT
Image Source: Wit Studio

Are the Wall Titans Humans?

According to the Attack on Titan lore, the Wall Titans were once humans. 

Like all Titans, they originated from humans who transformed. They were turned into Colossal Titans by the Marleyan government (likely using the spinal fluid of the Colossal Titan shifter). They were then used by the Eldian King, Karl Fritz, to create the Walls on Paradis Island. 


King Fritz used the Colossal Titans as a defense mechanism. While the walls are a physical barrier against external threats, they also act as a latent, retaliatory threat. 

Their dormant state is maintained by the Will of the First King, which prevents the royal family from using them aggressively. However, if provoked, the Wall Titans can be awakened to flatten the Earth, causing an unprecedented catastrophe.

The Will of the First King 

As mentioned above, The Wall Titans are influenced by the Will of the First King, which dictates that they remain dormant and that the truth about the huge barriers caging them is kept hidden. 

The King’s Will is passed down to each successive royal family member who inherits the Founding Titan, ensuring the Colossal Titans remain passive. 

Only a Titan with royal blood can fully unlock and utilize the power of the Founding Titan, but they are simultaneously bound by the King’s conscientious ideology.

However, if someone without royal blood were to access the Founding Titan’s power, they might bypass this restriction. This potential was a significant plot point in the series that eventually led to Eren teaming up with Zeke.

The revelation that the Wall Titans are humans underscores the tragic nature of the Titan’s existence in Attack on Titan. They represent the twisted manipulations of power, war, and politics, where humans are turned into weapons of mass destruction against their will.

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