Angela Anne Huell: The Witch and the Beast character explained

In The Witch and the Beast, Angela Anne Huell is the witch who has cursed Guideau. Kana Hanazawa voices Angela.

Angela Anne Huell is no less of a celebrity. She is one of the Origin Witches. Even though witches are destined to only live for 200 years, Angela has managed to pass that limit.

Hence, Angela is known as the Eternal Witch. Ashaf also describes her as the “hateful witch”. Angela first appears in the tenth episode of The Witch and the Beast, luring an injured Guideau into a trap.

One of the strongest witches

Apart from living for over 200 years, Angela is one of the most powerful witches in the world.

She possesses the ability to imitate the magic of others. In the tenth episode, she shows off her powers by recreating the forbidden instrument being used by an executioner.

Angela is so strong that even in perfect health, Guideau won’t be able to stand against her.

The relationship between Angela and Guideau

Angela is the witch who has cursed Guideau and trapped her in one of her bodies. When Angela and Guideau are facing each other, Ashaf is not able to get in touch with Guideau.

Even if he could, he realizes that it’s too late for that. The cursed and the curser develop a special type of bond. The threads of fate draw them to each other.

Angela and Guideau The Witch and the Beast
Guideau attempts to attack Angela

Ashaf senses that the thread is already pulling. Hence, when Gudieau and Angela’s powers are in play, he won’t find it easy to intervene.

Angela is eager to fight Gudieau again, pick up where they left off, and is not ready to give her body back easily. She instructs Guideau to chase her.

Angela will be leaving signposts for Gudieau, and if she reaches them all and catches up to Angela, she will live up to Guideau’s expectations too.

Guideau, on the other hand, resolves to kill Angela, even if it’s the last thing she does.

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