Amamiya: Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions character explained

Amamiya is the strict boss of Isshiki Totomaru in the detective anime, Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions. Yoko Hikasa voices the character in the anime.

Always groomed and dressed to perfection, Amamiya sports a stern disposition and a professional attitude at all times with rare exceptions. She is a great detective with brilliant deduction skills.

She loves makeup and has a lot of good luck charm at her home. Her differing dynamics with different people around her are what makes her a fun character to follow in the story.

A strict superior

Amamiya is really hard on Toto and seems to not like him at first glance. However, she’s only really harsh on him without any true resentment.

She often delegated the menial tasks to him and considered other detectives for work more fitting for a detective.

Amamiya angry Ron Kamonohashi's Forbidden Deductions
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She calls him incompetent and bars him from detective work, saying he’ll only impede the investigations with his nuisance.

Even when he demonstrates skills and helps her, she’s irked at the prospect of having him help her or solve a case.

Fancying Ron

With Ron, her dynamic is the opposite. She has a crush on him and is enamored by him completely.

Whenever he’s near, her demeanor changes, and a permanent blush appears on her face. Whenever she thinks or remembers of him, she does so fondly.

Whereas Toto is a seemingly meek man, Ron’s stern and rather radical words against the criminals are what she finds cool.


Amamiya dreams of and works towards becoming the police superintendent general.

Her greatest rival who’s also shoeing in for the position is Omiyo Kawasemi, who worked at the same police box as her when they were both novices.

She works hard towards that dream and is upset whenever she feels she’s falling behind in the race against Kawasemi.

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