Alus the Star Runner: Ishura character explained

Alus the Star Runner emerges as the latest champion to flex his incredible feats in Ishura. Wilders of great physical attributes and even greater weapons, the character is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

He is a Rogue. He is a Wyvern. He is Alus the Star Runner.

With his powerful wings, Alus gains aerial speeds that defy even the reflexes of the legendary dragon, Vikeon the Smoldering.

Known by many as the Nightmare of Tileet Ravine, the dragon stands so unbelievably tall that even the sixth general of the mighty Minian kingdom of Auretia fails to scratch him.

And yet, a mutant wyvern makes quick work of him with ease, panache, and an understated sass. After defeating him, he becomes the fastest airborne creature.

Strength & weaponry

He was born with three limbs and possesses many unusual magic items collected all over the land. He knows how to use them well too.

His arsenal, of all that’s shown of it thus far, includes poison magic bullets that explode when they come in contact with the nerves. He uses them to take Vikeon’s eye out.

He also uses the Greatshield of the Dead, something that he deploys within fractions of a second to protect himself and Aureatia’s 6th General, Harghent.

Alus the Star Runner weapons Ishura
Alus the Star Runner’s arsenal

It manages to resist the horrifying flames that Vikeon blasts from his mouth.

In his finishing move, Alus uses the Hillensingen the Luminous Blade to cut Vikeon in half before he can utter more than two words.

The champion wyvern can handle any kind of weapon with exceptional aptitude.

He can also use shape-shifting craft arts, and so fast that Harghent claims not even a single breath is spent before he’s done with it.

Alus the Star Runner’s unending desires

His extra limb is a metaphor for his unquenchable desire and greed for glory.

He always craved something new, to grasp something yet unseen in his quest to prove he was more than just a wyvern.

He always longed for everything out of his reach, as he still does. This desire is what led him to conquer a town’s treasure, a land, a labyrinth, and a legendary dragon.

Up until now, he’s challenged numerous labyrinths and enemies throughout the vast world and triumphed over all of them.

Alus now wishes to partake in the Imperial Competition in Aureatia, where mighty men from all across the world compete to become the hero.

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