Akira vs. Higurashi in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead explained

In the final three episodes of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, Akira faces Higurashi, a character who is his evil counterpart.

Higurashi was in the same general education classes at K University as Akira and Kencho. Akira had forgotten about Higurashi, but Higurashi didn’t forget Akira.

Since the very day he met Akira, Higurashi has been despising him because Akira was able to live an optimistic life full of friends around him, which Higurashi wasn’t able to.

In the finale of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, he gets the chance to pour out his frustrations on Akira.

Their different approaches to life

Compared to Akira, Higurashi is far more insecure and negative. Growing up, he did have friends in elementary school, and going to the pool with them during summer break was when his life peaked.

By middle school, Higurashi had become a timid and quiet kid. During his three years in high school, he further isolated himself.

Even though he tried to change himself by volunteering in several personality development programs, internships, and being a student volunteer, not much changed.

Watching Akira, another student just like him, enjoy a carefree life with friends surrounding him is what made Higurashi hate Akira.

Higurashi grows to hate Akira

Higurashi and Akira are the two sides of the same coin. While Akira looked at life optimistically, hoping to achieve and keep everyone happy, Higurashi shunned responsibility and was reluctant to put in the required effort.

Higurashi then blamed society for rejecting him, even though he was the one not willing to make the first move towards them. Akira always put his foot forward, even though people exploited him.

What’s similar about them is that both experience repression; Akira experienced it in his work life, while Higurashi experienced it in his loneliness.

Their reactions to the zombie apocalypse

When a zombie apocalypse unleashes chaos upon the world, both Higurashi and Akira celebrate it, but for completely different reasons.

Even though they both have suffered, their perspectives on life ahead are quite different.

Akira aims to leave his toxic work-life past behind to live his life to the fullest. Higurashi, on the other hand, seeks revenge on the society that he thinks rejected him.

Higurashi’s true desire

After crossing paths with Akira again in Akira’s hometown, Higurashi makes it his goal to destroy the town and make Akira suffer.

He intends to see Akira become a zombie and goes as far as to hold Akira’s father hostage. However, in the end, he faces defeat at the hands of Akira.

Akira fools Higurashi by putting on makeup and acting like a zombie to rescue his father and take Higurashi down.

It’s then that Akira makes Higurashi ask himself whether he wanted all of this destruction and chaos because it doesn’t look like he is enjoying any of it.

Higurashi comes to realize that all he wanted was to relive those days of summer break when he used to go to the pool with his friends.

Akira hugs a fallen Higurashi

If Higurashi had only taken the initiative and joined Akira’s group back at K University, he may not have suffered this much.

However, it’s too late, as Higurashi gets bitten by a zombie. Despite all of that, Akira hugs Higurashi and promises to join him at the pool once he becomes a zombie too.

Higurashi pushes Akira away and jumps into the waters, just like he used to jump in the pool, as he turns into a zombie.

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